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Have you ever thought about installing a central vacuum system into your house?

When you are building a new house, this is the ideal condition because then you even donít have to open the walls for it. The small pipelines are hidden under the plaster. Installing a central vacuum system is very easy for you.

And youíll really profit from it...

Itís comfortable

Youíll clean faster and more comfortable. You donít have to carry around a vacuum cleaner throughout your house any more. You just plug in the flexible hose with the vacuum nozzle to the wall and can start cleaning in any room of your house.

Youíve never vacuum-cleaned your house so quickly.

Itís strong

The very strong cleaning capacity is produced by a cleaning aggregate. Optimal adaptation of the aggregation to the specific pipeline system used in your house will provide you with strong cleaning results.

Itís clean and hygienical

As the Central Cleaning Aggregate is placed in the basement or in the garage, you donít suffer from noise or dust emission in your living rooms. The dust is removed directly out of your rooms. This is good news also for persons allergic to house dust.


A large accessory assortment (for example special dustpan for pre-cleaning and many other special accessories) completes the central vacuum system. Something you soon donít want to miss any more.

You are welcome to have a look at a sample system of it at our company. The prices of central vacuum systems depend on system type and equipment and range between EUR 750.00 and EUR 1250.00. The guarantee time is 5 years. Itís a profitable investment.

Our recommendation: It is possible to buy the system later, but while building your house you should at least install the pipelines.

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